Dear Woman






 Dear Woman is an inspirational memoir of one woman's ten-year journey with a chronic illness. Chavos writes with an open, vulnerable, and candid conversational style about her fears, discouragements, doubts, anger, hope-deferred heart, and victories.

Dear Woman was inspired by the woman in Luke 13. Weaving her own story with that of the Luke 13 lady and others, Chavos provides Biblical insight, edification, and comfort.

She will encourage you to:

  • Be strong in weakness
  • Endure in the midst of a long battle
  • Stay in faith when doubt is nearby
  • Rest in knowing God sees what you're going through
  • Fight and get up and go

"Whatever storms of life you're facing right now, be encouraged, you are not alone." ~Chavos Buycks

What women are saying about this book?

"It was so nice to know that there was someone else dealing with the same issues, and having the same emotions about so many things... I am always surprised how God brings things to the surface and in this case, he did it using this book! The encouragement that is in these pages----- I cannot even explain. It gives you a new attitude, this book definitely has Gods hand on it!" ~ Amazon Customer

"Readers will cry, laugh, praise God and war with the author. Most of all, they will learn to wage a good warfare and remain in hope until their victory comes." ~ Theresa Harvard Johnson, Founder of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries Intl. @VoicesofChrist

"Chavos's gentle humor and authentic voice make a space for me, a safe place I can come into. Through the letters I've seen that the best place to stand with all my struggles is in the light, windows wide-open." ~ Teresa Crumpton Inspire, LLC

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