Kill Your Giant {Them Fighting Words}

Your mama! Those are definitely fighting words. Have you ever seen a fight start because of those words? Those words are used to arouse and aggravate you to wanna jump across the table and deal with the person who said those two hurtful words “Your Mama” (better spoken as ‘Yo’ Mama’ with a definitive head nod).

When I was in high school, it didn’t matter if the agitator said, “You’re ugly. You’re dumb. ” Those words didn’t stick and cause an impact like saying, “Yo Mama.” This statement caused even the nicest and sweetest person, to say, “Okay, them are fighting words. Don’t you dare talk about my mama.” Mama birthed us, cared for us and loves us no matter what. Mama is dear to our hearts, and we’ll defend Mama when her name is being chewed up and spewed out by an agitator.

If someone is upset and ready to fight because the one who birthed them is talked about. What will happen when the one who created us, God, is talked about?

The children of Israel were at war with the Philistine army. The army sent out one of its mighty warriors—a giant named Goliath. He taunted the children of Israel. And it was as if he said to the children of Israel, “Yo’ God can’t stand up against me!”

“No, he didn’t. Awwwe Naw it’s on now.” You’d think the children of Israel would've risen up and fought, but they didn’t. The children of Israel listened to the giant’s words, and let his words penetrate their hearts and minds. The children of Israel sat prepared for battle, but didn’t get into it. Maybe they were waiting for Goliath to throw the first javelin. He never did. Or insult their mamas.

 We’ve been given a slingshot and a stone, which is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit .


He only hurled words at them, which did more damage than his un-thrown javelin. His words paralyzed them with fear and disabled them from fighting. His words were meant to stir up some kind of reaction from the children of Israel to fight, but they didn’t. The children of Israel allowed his uncircumcised self to taunt them for forty days and forty nights. How long is too long? When is it enough verbal abuse? 

There was no match for Goliath, until a little ruddy, bright-eyed, good-looking boy named David came on the scene carrying a lunch basket to his brothers and overheard Goliath’s taunting. This is how I imagine it went down. (See 1 Samuel 17.)

David got to the battleground and said, “Hey, what’s going on guys?” He glanced over on the other side of the hill and saw the nine-foot-nine-inch giant, Goliath, shouting taunts at the children of Israel. Something kindled inside of David, “Who does he think he is? Who is he talking to? Doesn’t he know we are the children of the Most High God? He better watch his mouth.”

He turned to one of the soldiers, “Tell me, what is the reward for taking him out?”

They answered, “...The king’s daughter and the man’s entire family will be exempted from paying taxes!” (1 Samuel 17:24).

I imagine David speaking to himself, “With God by my side, I can take him. I can use my well-tested tools, the ol’ stone-and-slingshot method. He confronted Goliath with courage and boldness.

Goliath insulted and cursed David. And the fight was on.

David pulled out his slingshot and a stone from his side and rushed toward his giant with passion, boldness and might.

“POW!” The stone landed right in the middle of Goliath’s forehead, and the nine-foot-nine-inch braggart fell forward to the ground causing the dirt to fly everywhere. David grabbed Goliath’s sword and held it up in the air. He looked down at Goliath and let the sword swing downward cutting off Goliath’s head, ending his life and his taunting words. His giant’s fearful and abusive voice was silenced that day.


Do you have a giant in your life? Has it been taunting you for days or even years—saying all kinds of things that are the equivalent of saying ‘yo Mama?’ I let my giant (endo) taunt me for years, forget forty days. The children of Israel did better than me. But then I’d had enough, and the fight was on.

What is your slingshot-and-stone method? It is something we’ve tried and tested before, and it worked on small things. It will work on the big things, too. We’ve been given a slingshot and a stone, which is the Word of God and His Holy Spirit; it’s been tried, tested and proven true. We use it as a mighty sword to fight. We can take down any giant that stands against us and mouths off negative, ungodly and fearful things to us. We can declare the Word of God to our giant, and in return our giant will say to us, “Them are fighting words.” Anyway it goes, there’s going to be a fight.

Our giant will speak things to get a rise out of us, and rise we will—to knock its head off with our slingshot and a stone like David. We will not back down or sit there in our battle gear and not get into the battle. We are Davettas. We’ve been groomed for the battle for years; we’ve taken out our share of lions and bears. You’ve overcome an attack on your family and marriage. You’ve overcome a hard season with dealing with a prodigal or sick child. You’ve overcome a church split. You’ve overcome a financial dry season. We’ve overcome many things.

If we fought and won against the lions and bears, what can this giant do? The only place for a giant to go is down. It must fall, and it will fall. Get ready, unhook your slingshot, grab a stone, and go hard after your giant in faith, believing it will fall and bow down to you. CHARGE!

*Excerpt from my book Dear Woman: Get Well Letters of Hope.

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