Victorious Woman

You were built to win. You don’t back down. You keep at it again and again. You know how to win. You might get scrapes, scars, bumps and bruises, but you’ve endured the illness, the pain, the sadness, the shame. You and I are victorious.

You’ve been through and fought many battles and experienced some defeats, but you know the ingredients for victory, just like you know the ingredients for your favorite chocolate cake or another special dish. You know what it takes to make a great-tasting dish. So it is, when it comes to winning.

You are victorious because you think like Christ; you let His mind be in you. You discipline unruly thoughts like a cowboy lassoing a wild calf, and you bring those thoughts into submission to Christ.

You are victorious because you are a woman of the Word, whereby you renew your mind daily.68 You seek to know the mind of God and His thoughts, receiving divine strategies for your life and others’. You use the Word of God as a weapon, a mighty sword to fight lies, bad reports, doubts and unbelief. You’re an expert swordswoman.

You are victorious because you lift up the banner of the Lamb’s blood. You know there is nothing more powerful or strong enough to penetrate it.

You apply it like war paint before the battle. It acts like a repellant; it weakens the tactics and power of your enemy. It helps us fight the lies, giants and sicknesses, oh my!




The Lord gives you victory and His shield of victory is yours.



There were times, too many to mention, where I felt defeated. Endometriosis was like a 500-pound weight sitting on my life. I didn’t feel victorious at all. I felt like a failure, a wimp and a loser. It was as if endo said, “You can’t beat me. Matter of fact, you will never beat me. You’re defeated.” I’d nod in agreement and with my actions, raise the white flag of surrender.

I’ve come to understand that I am built to win, that I’m victorious—even with my scars, scrapes, wounds and bruises. I would’ve never known I was built to win if I didn’t have to fight and if there was no opposition or struggle in my life. There’s no wimp or loser here, not anymore. Endo has made me stronger and taught me how to fight and win.

I know God is with me. I know I can win. I know I have the victory. Defeat is not in my DNA, and neither is it in yours. Here’s a song that would make a great battle-cry. It goes like this,

“The Lord of Hosts has given me victory
I will storm the gates of the enemy
I hold the shield of victory
To overcome any battle
I know the winning recipe
The enemy is under my feet
I have the victory!” 

I believe victory is mine, and it’s yours, though it may seem contrary to our visible situation. The truth is victory belongs to me. The truth is the Lord gives His people victory. The truth is the war is rigged in our favor, and we will win. It’s a done deal.



And since it’s a done deal, and the battle is rigged in my favor, I can declare, “Victory! Victory today, tomorrow and beyond will forever be mine. I will stand and tell endo and any other disease, emotion, poverty, hopelessness, anger, jealousy, whatever comes against me to get behind me.”

Do you believe you have the victory? Do you know that victory is yours? You and I have been given a shield of victory from the Lord of heaven’s armies. Who or what can stand against that shield? I think about Captain America’s shield and how it was made out of an impenetrable, strong metal. Nothing or no one can destroy that shield. His shield protected him from bullets, knives and blows. How much more is the shield of victory we’ve been given to carry into battle with us?

Victory is yours. Tell whatever is coming against you to get behind you. Because victory is yours! Whatever that “thing” (illness, trial, suffering) is, it has made you stronger. You are a winner. Your battle stories will encourage and help generations to come. Let’s go forth like a mighty, victorious company into battle with our scars, with our swords, with our Savior’s blood as war paint and with His shield of victory. And lift up our voices in a battle-cry of VICTORY! Go in the name of the Lord. Go, dear Victorious Woman.

*Excerpt from my book Dear Woman: Get Well Letters of Hope.

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