Beware of Fantasy Writer-itis

Computer crashes. Writers block. The words run from me like I’m in a scary movie. There’s an intense season of sickness. Gave up several times. Rejection from top bloggers. Book delayed for months. And much more happened to me during the process of writing my book.

No one sat me down and said, "Okay, Chavos, the road to writing and publishing is not going to go exactly how you picture it. Now, you will face some hard things in your life that will be a nightmare and detour from the road to your dream."

I didn't get I want to sit down and write to you my experiences, pitfalls, mistakes, etc... You can learn from my mistakes and do it better. Please do it better than I did 🙂 Pretty please. Both of us don't have stumble down the dark literary road and fall into the same wet-dark writer's pitfalls

I do understand we’re all different and some things I mention you won't ever face. And I'm glad about it. You can just shake your head at me and say, poor girl, which is fine (smile) I didn't know. 

Okay, so here it is. One the pitfalls to beware of as a writer. 

Be a Fantasy Writer. What's that? You know how the NFL has its Fantasy football league. People pick players, trade, scout, etc like their really in the football league. They really invest time and money to be a part of a fake league. It’s interesting to me.



Fantasy writing doesn't get real books published and see dreams fulfilled.



This is how it was for me. I was a ‘Fantasy Writer.’ A fantasy writer is someone who dreams of writing, lacks the heart and passion to write and is left without words to impact their family, city, and the world.

I was a fantasy writer for years. To give you a brief synopsis to show how bad I was: I felt like God called me to write in 2005 but didn't publish my first book until 2015. God impressed on my heart to write my love story of how I meet my husband. I drafted up the ideas and chapters the best I knew how at the time. I told my husband my desire to write our love story, and he encouraged me to write and purchased my very first laptop.

Years passed and I didn't write that book. I thought about writing it,  if that counts.  I had another idea to write another book in 2010. I started. I drafted up the chapters and then guess what? Yep, I stopped. I thought about it or should I say, I fantasized about it. But no words. No chapters. No book. Just daydreaming. It was like my words were made of clouds and every once in a while they would blow by in a dream.

I was an expert Fantasy Writer. I showed up daily to my fantasy writer's desk and grabbed my favorite fantasy writer's pen to write my fantasy bestseller book.  I was okay with it not being real and daydreaming about writing. It was like I was on a tv show called  "I dream of writing." Where I dreamed of writing for hours without ever actually writing.



I put time and mental energy into thinking about writing, which could have gone toward real writing.

It's safe and comfortable being a Fantasy writer.  There's no risk. The fantasy writer doesn't have to get in the writing game and deal with criticism, rejection, stress, the joy, the tears, and very late nights of hard work to see a dream come to pass. Fantasy writers are safe but left with nothing, which is like bankruptcy in the writing sense.

Fantasy writing doesn't get real books published and see dreams fulfilled.

If you know this already then you knew more than me. This was one of my big pitfalls for writing books.

Here’s the take away from this...

If you find yourself fantasizing and daydreaming about writing. Slap or shake yourself, grab your real pen and real notebook and write or type your thoughts. Don't waste any more precious mental energy, thoughts, time or years you can never get back. I can never get back those years from 2005. But I (we) can redeem the time now.

I can't wait to read your real book soon-to-be-Author.

So, you see, it can be done friend! If God helped and delivered this former fantasy writer to write and author a real book, then there’s hope and help for you 🙂

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